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    Ross Blankenship is an author, angel investor, successful entrepreneur, and technology advisor to America’s best startups. Ross Blankenship has helped create startups in various industries (cybersecurity, health and lifestyle, to logistics) and Blankenship continues to grow companies from start to finish. Blankenship loves contributing to local communities and building new teams, both for-profit and non-profits.


    Ross Blankenship is also a believer in the power of people and hires talented individuals who he helps inspire to reach his or her greatest potential.


    Ross Blankenship has written on the topics of angel investing, entrepreneurship, and venture capital. In addition, Blankenship also has begun to buy and sell businesses with cash flow and potential for major upside.


    Ross Blankenship is the leading expert for media on topics related to the following: startups, angel investing, venture capital and startup entrepreneurship. Ross Blankenship advises startups and can be called on to help startups with big events such as capital fundraising, product launches, and exits such as mergers and acquisitions (IPOs). Ross Blankenship continues to advise and invest in startups where he sees real value and demonstrable upside for a startup. Ross Blankenship is also one of the first to discuss the power of digital assets, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin #BTC, Ethereum #ETH, Polygon Matic #Matic, and ZCash #ZEC, and the emerging blockchain that is transforming the World order.


    Ross Blankenship is the President and CEO of Vail Networks.


    Ross Blankenship's books are based on his experiences creating startups, advising tech startups, and serving as a technology advisor to growing companies. Learn how to buy Blankenship's books here... or take Ross Blankenship's course on business and startup entrepreneurship here.


    Be sure to check out the following to learn more and get started!


    1) "Billion-Dollar Startup Course: How to Launch Your Next Big Idea" by Ross Blankenship.

    2) "The Investing King" | Called the "definitive book on angel investing and entrepreneurship."

    3) "Cyber Nation" | ..."every one who runs a business and has computers connected to the web, needs to read this book."


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    Ross Blankenship's analytical and quantitative background comes from studying economic policy and fiscal responsibility at Cornell University. Further, with Ross' brief work as an intern with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC's enforcement division), Ross was able to develop a deep analytical and financial understanding of IPOs and capital markets.


    Ross Blankenship's Education:


    Northfield Mt. Hermon School (NMH) Graduated 2001

    Cornell University (B.A.) Graduated 2005

    Washington University School of Law (J.D.) Graduated 2008

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology ("MIT") certificate program, Completed 2016.


    Ross Blankenship's Specialties:

    Web development for startups

    Startup product launches (Start to Finish)

    Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

    Early-stage financing and funding (Capital fundraising)

    Consulting for early and pre-IPO startups (Consulting)


  • Ross Blankenship's Career Experience

    All about Blankenship's path to successful entrepreneur.

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    Startup Advisor and Angel Investor

    Angel investor to startups in various industries.

    Ross Blankenship has invested in numerous startups ranging from Seed Round, Series A, to pre-IPO (Series C and D.)


    In addition, Blankenship continues to support startups through advisory and board roles, working with America's best startups.

    Ross Blankenship's Award Photo

    Author and Startup Entrepreneur

    Blankenship serves as a startup and technology advisor for companies.

    Ross Blankenship has written books from education to startups, ranging from the following titles:



  • "Ross Blankenship"

    Ross Blankenship’s Business Philosophy

    • Tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear: you'll save them from extinction. 
    • Quote by Ross Blankenship: "What we create is the sum total of that moment. What we leave behind is eternity ahead." 
    • Startups fail when the people, product, process, traction and financials aren't there.
    • Knowing your company's finances - profit and loss, balance sheets, and cash flow - is like knowing your lab results... your company's survival depends on strong financial acumen and awareness.
    • Your startup's idea is the battle. Startup execution is the war that you can win with the right people, process, product, financials and traction to move your company along. 
    • (Book by Ross Blankenship)
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  • Ross Blankenship's Current Projects

    Ross Blankenship's Expertise 

    Startup Consultant & Advisor

    Blankenship's been on both sides of the table as an entrepreneur and early-stage investor and now serves as a special advisor to startups in areas from online e-commerce/retail to expert technology who need strategic help with:

    • Capital fundraising (Seed to Series A, B, C)
    • Product launches (Tech builds from start to finish)
    • Startup Exits (Mergers and Acquisitions to IPOs)


    Teaching Entrepreneurship at Universities

    Blankenship is an author on startup investing, entrepreneurship, and technology trends.


    Blankenship has written hundreds of articles on topics such as startups, venture capital, cybersecurity, biotech and emerging trends in crowdfunding and the JOBS Act.

    Startup Angel Investor

    Personally invested in more than 30 startups and growing.


    If you're looking for a startup investor, get in touch with the link herein.


    Here's an excerpt from a recent interview with Ross Blankenship,


    "According to Blankenship, “I believe freedom is everything. I think in the power of free will, personal space, and the ability to make fast, swift decisions. Every aspect of my life being an entrepreneur is not always freedom. It is not always easy, and you’re going to have complications and more responsibilities. But for the most part, there’s nothing I would change in the world. I would never want to turn back and go back to practice law.”


    Public Speaker on Startups and Venture Capital

    TechCrunch Disrupt Finalist (2012).


    Mortar Board Honor Society Speaker @ Cornell University.

  • Ross Blankenship's Education

    Ross Blankenship Background

    Northfield Mt. Hermon School

    HS, Diploma

    Ross Blankenship attended Northfield Mt. Hermon School, ("NMH").


    As a student at NMH, Ross Blankenship was a Varsity Rower, active member of the admissions office as a tour guide, and served on Cornell University's Class Council.

    Ross Blankenship's Education

    Cornell University

    Government, BA

    Ross Blankenship graduated Cornell University, studying Government, Politics and Business. Blankenship was awarded the "Brenner Memorial Prize" for being the top-student in government and economics studies.

    Activities: Academic Integrity Hearing Board Cornell University Educational Policy Committee Cornell Admissions President, Mortar Board Honor Society



    Arts and Sciences Educational Policy Committee

    Academic Integrity Hearing Board

    Ross Blankenship Graduate Education

    Washington University in St. Louis School of Law

    Law Degree, JD

    Ross Blankenship won several competitions including an American Bar Association (ABA) Competition; he was also a finalist in a Washington University School of Law Negotiation Competition.

    Ross Blankenship's Biography

    MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Studies in Technology (Cybersecurity)

    Certificate in cybersecurity through the MIT Professional Education program.


    Authored bestselling book on Cybersecurity - "Cyber Nation."

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